Using Sharepoint as a Virtual Data Room

Using Sharepoint allows you to manage the lifetime of your documents. This function is useful in the case when the document transferred to public access contains information that will lose its relevance.

The Prevalence of Sharepoint Technology

Today’s society has a proven set of management practices designed for large companies, and we all know the most efficient methods for producing goods. But when it comes to startups and innovation, we still shoot at random. We rely on foresight, chase “talents” to perform miracles or try to “analyze” our new products to death.

In addition to server products in the SharePoint family, there are many portal client applications, such as SharePoint Workspace, which allows you to work with portal files on the target computer, providing real-time data synchronization. In addition to the products created by Microsoft, there are a large number of companies (including in Russia) that develop on the platform and distribute their products either commercially or free of charge. In addition to companies, there is an extensive SharePoint community where you can always find the right solutions, get advice or hire specialists. Why SharePoint?

  1. An actively promoted technology, one of the main directions of the development of Microsoft.
  2. Classical model. All content and development remain with the owner of the portal. There are also proposals on the market for the SaaS model.
  3. A complex licensing scheme allows you to start implementing the portal and using the main functions without significant initial investments. With the integration of the portal and the company’s business processes, it is possible to acquire additional functionality both by changing the license and using third-party products.
  4. Integration with other Microsoft technologies. If the company has widespread Microsoft technologies, such as Exchange Server, MS Office, MS Project, then built-in integration with client applications is a significant advantage, and implementation costs are significantly reduced.
  5. High programmability. A huge amount of documentation, articles, blogs, and forums allow you to create a new web application on the platform of almost any complexity.

What Does Sharepoint Allow?

The Sharepoint subsystem allows:

  • Implement sub-document and batch-by-batch scanning of documents using bar-coding technology or identification of documents (document batches) based on a unique set of document attributes.
  • Assign registration parameters to documents at the scanning stage, thereby ensuring that documents are loaded into the system without attributive recognition.
  • Perform attributive and full-text recognition of documents.
  • Verify automatically recognized document attributes with the ability to manually add their properties and attributes.
  • Convert electronic representations of documents into the required scanning format, which will be compatible with processing in an information system external to the electronic archive.
  • Export electronic images and attributive information to the storage subsystem.
  • Indicate at the stages of scanning or verification the recipient or a group of recipients of documents in the system.
  • Rescan or convert the file format using sharepoint as a virtual data room of documents stored in the system.
  • Scan and then add documents to existing packages in the system.

Sharepoint is an exercise in building an organization, so management is a must. For ambitious entrepreneurs, this often comes as a surprise, because these two words – startup and management – in their understanding, are almost not associated with each other. In the initial phase of startup development, entrepreneurs are wary of using traditional management methods, and for good reason. They are afraid that they will lead to bureaucracy and destroy the creativity of their business.